Do You Need Roof Repair Services?

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When your roof is damaged, your home is vulnerable to the elements. Take care of this issue immediately by letting Apex Construction LLC handle your roof repair. We specialize in full replacements, installations and repairs.

If you've experienced recent storm damage, don't put off repairs. The problem will just get worse. Call us today to handle your roof repair in the Silver Spring, North Bethesda & Columbia, MD area.

Prepare ahead of time for roof replacement

Prepare ahead of time for roof replacement

Replacing your entire roof is a big project. Prepping for your roof replacement will help you reduce stress. Prior to your service, make sure you:

  • Tell your kids and neighbors about this project. This will prepare them for any noise or distractions. It's also considerate to alert your neighbors that contractors may be parking close to their yard.
  • Take down any decorations on the wall. Contractors have to use special machinery that may knock down hanging pictures.
  • Cover or completely remove patio furniture. Roof replacement is a messy job that creates fallen debris. Avoid damaging your furniture by taking these precautions.
  • Plan to work or relax outside of the home during repair day. The constant hammering may be distracting.

Plan ahead for your roof repair and let the professionals take care of the rest. Schedule your service today.